Steady-State Simulation

Mihir Consulting performs designing, analyzing, optimizing and developing the technical processes using simulation software like Hysys, Aspen Plus, VMG Sim, UNISIM, ProII or software recommended by our clients. We design and converge models of technical processes and unit operations including complex towers, reactors, etc. with the help of our experienced engineers and help our clients in satisfying their various needs.
At a project’s conceptualization stage, Mihir Consulting facilitates concept selection, generates preliminary heat and material balances, prepares process flow diagrams (PFDs), and performs preliminary equipment sizing. By developing these models in the front-end portion of a project's lifecycle, Mihir Consulting's clients avoid design oversights that may require significant expenditure to be resolved in the detailed engineering phase.
In addition, Mihir Consulting incorporates design philosophies with all-new process simulation. The best time to eliminate process hazards is during the design phase. Mihir Consulting evaluates each hazard by following lead design methodologies such as minimization, substitution, and simplification. Mihir Consulting applies work process methodology on furnaces and burner management systems, refining/chemical plant simulation and controls. Mihir Consulting also provides ESD logic design and check out, DCS (Honeywell TDC/TPS, Experion PKS, Yokogawa) configuration and graphics preparation, alarm management, and smooth and efficient plant start-up assistance. In doing so, Mihir Consulting hands over a process simulation that is not only technically sound but also safe.



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