Company History

In 2003, Sam Shah became an independent consultant, and quickly began providing consulting services to Honeywell. Soon after, KBR, Invensys, Soluziona joined the list of his clients.

Soon after, he was approached by a fresh college graduate in need of work. Things were going so well that Sam Shah decided to give him a job.

"But wait!" said the young grad. "We need to register our company! ...And we need an office, right? Oh, and can my friend have a job, too?"

Sam Shah didn't actually have any work for the engineers yet, but he obliged anyway. "But wait!" said the young grad again. "We're going to need some money too..."

And so, almost involuntarily, in 2005 Mihir Consulting was formally registered as a company in the state of Texas. By 2008 the company had completed several projects in the United States and had already worked in Spain, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan. At this time, Mihir Consulting began taking fixed-cost projects and had increased its staff to a total of four chemical engineers.

In 2009 when the global recession hit, Mihir Consulting’s niche place in the engineering market allowed Mihir Consulting to not only survive, but to innovate and thrive. This was the first time that Mihir Consulting expanded its engineering service offerings even beyond strict dynamic simulation.

Today, Mihir Consulting has branched out into a variety of chemical engineering disciplines (its hiring process has become much more selective) . Today the company offers dynamic simulation, controls, pressure relief analysis, flare analysis, operator training simulator services, compressor services, and more.



Mihir Consulting, LLC

Suite 313 9950 Westpark Drive Houston, TX 77063

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